Fast and responsive furniture assembly San Francisco.

Furniture Assembly San Francisco

Assemble chairs, tables, desks, beds, dressers, wardrobes, patio furniture, lounge chairs, fireplaces, canopies, gazebos, play sets, swing sets, basketball hoops, exercise equipment, modular offices, motorcycles, bicycles, and more!

Mobile Furniture has helped with almost all types of home, office, and patio furniture. Experienced with all types of furniture assembly and related services. Offering fast and responsive furniture assembly service in your home or office. Mobile Furniture can also help with handyman tasks. Like installation of floating shelves, mount and secure heavy cabinets, and other tasks. Get help with designing your new wardrobe with sliding glass doors, interior and exterior lighting, and finish your bedroom or space with all the custom accessories, drawers, and lower baskets.

Another affordable option that will add value and luster to your home is a new kitchen design by popular manufacturers such as IKEA and Sauder. Get your custom kitchen designed, assembled, and installed. In some cases, your new kitchen, depending on the size, can be installed and ready for counter tops in one day. Mobile Furniture will check, tighten, and adjust all the cabinets, doors, and drawers so that everything looks even, straight, and professional. With the Mobile Furniture style of service, everything is straight forward, organized, and detailed. Just send over your PDF planner and you’ll receive a competitive quote. Then, we can work out the logistics that is convenient for your schedule. Visit Kitchen Installation for more information.

A custom closet system is another great way to save space and be more organized in your daily life. A custom closet organizer can be fun to design and will make your daily dressing routine a snap. There are very plain and simple organizers with straight white shelves or bins. You can also choose and design very intricate and decorative products that can match your home interior. There are many finishes to choose ranging from bright colors to convincing wood and metal finishes. Whatever your choice will be, Mobile Furniture can cut and install all the pieces accurately and get your closet complete and ready for adventure.

Saving space is essential in today’s tough Bay Area rental market. One great way to set up your space for multitasking is to install a wall bed or Murphy bed. Some are small and basic while others come with desks, benches, and cabinet storage. If you are limited in your current space, installing a wall bed can clear your floor area space and allow you to work, study, do Yoga, or get creative. There are many styles and manufacturers to choose from. There are even side open wall beds. Get your new wall bed installed safely and securely today.

Whatever the furniture, your investment is insured, and your scheduling will be quick and easy with text updates and schedule confirmations.

Avoid the headache of furniture assembly and schedule today.