Install / Check Fire Alarms

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                Fire season is upon us in California.  There are a few simple steps you can do to be prepared and aware of fire safety.

1.  Install or check your fire alarms.

2.  Clear your property and home of debris, brush, and secure any chemicals, flammable solvents, or equipment.

3.  Have your heating and air checked by a professional.

4.  Have fire retardant or extinguisher in a safe place in your home, and or car.

5.  Have an escape plan or map, and a flashlight.  If you are ever in a fire, you won’t be able to see because of all the smoke.  

6.  If you are ever in a fire, stay low to the ground.  Heat rises along with smoke.  You can wet a blanket or towel to protect you.  You can also wet a towel to put over your face to protect your lungs.

7.  Be prepared.  Have an emergency bag or bug out pack with water, food, first aid, and supplies.

8. Learn more about fire prevention, take part, and spread awareness.

I hope this list will help give you some ideas on how to stay safe and prepared this fire season and seasons to come.

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