Get Your Couch In

Furniture Assembly San Francisco
                In all my travels, it never occurred to me that there was a thing called Couch Disassembly. It can be labeled and described different ways, but most often its called sofa disassembly, couch disassembly, furniture disassembly, disassemble, dismantle, dismantling, break my couch apart, disassembly and reassembly .... and its all these things and more. Eventually, you’ll be yelling help on Yelp and you’ll find Mobile Furniture Assembly Now, Couch Surgeon, and others in San Francisco, but most bay area residents and families call me to get their new large sofa or couch into their home today. Ive disassembled hundreds of couches for several y ars. Avoid the headache and schedule or call David. Im here to help and get it in quickly and carefully. I’ve never had a couch that I couldn’t get into a home or apartment!
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