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Furniture Assembly San Francisco
                Furniture Assembly can be a tedious chore. It can also be repetitive. Frustrating. Time consuming. But for me it can also be rewarding. Putting together a nice piece of furniture that I've never assembled before and then seeing it shine with a nice room or accessories can really brighten my day. Now, combine that with a single mother with a lot on her hands. Or a young family trying hard to get settled in. That will warm you up. Knowing that I can help. And knowing that someone did it right. Like it was my own. That's the customer dedication at Mobile Furniture Assembly Now. This is a junior bunk with rolling storage drawers, staircase, and shelving on the side. It comes with sturdy wooden slats that have extra support for the bottom bunk. It's impressive to look at while being functional and space saving at the same time. When you get yours, we can have yours together quickly and have it done right. Bookmark us or save our phone number (415)748-7388! David
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