David is a lifesaver!

Mobile Furniture Assembly Now Reviews

                                 David is a lifesaver! I am more than happy to write this review to support his business. We tried everything with a professional moving company, and we still could not get this couch in. David came and did the job professionally. He scoped out the space and couch, and he knew exactly what to do. He was confident, and he delivered.

Getting the couch through that door was pure relief. I highly recommend David. He will get the job done.

Had a great experience with David!

Mobile Furniture Assembly Now Reviews

                                 Had a great experience with David! My boyfriend and I had just moved into a new place and our brand new west elm couch would not fit. We tried everything to get it in including professional movers. I sent David a text message and explain to him the situation. He asked for a few pictures and told me it would be no problem. He showed up on time on the scheduled date and disassembled and reassembled my couch within 3.5 hours! We definitely will be using David again in the future when we need to move out of our apartment!