Sofa Disassembly San Francisco

SF Acting Auditions + Sofa Disassembly San Francisco

            Get your sofa or couch into your home or apartment today. Reasonable rates and experienced fast service. Schedule in confidence!

Sofa Disassembly SF

SF Acting Auditions + Sofa Disassembly SF

            Specializing in sofa and couch disassembly San Francisco. Get your large sofa or couch into your home or apartment today! Choose from several options to fit your budget:

Partial Disassembly: Remove one arm, move, and reassemble.
Full Disassembly: Remove both arms and back, move, and reassemble.
Other Options: Hoisting, door removal, railing removal, other options.
No Disassembly: Sometimes, no furniture disassembly is required at all!
Mobile Furniture Assembly Now has helped hundreds of San Francisco customers with sofa disassembly, couch disassembly, and furniture disassembly for many years. We've never had a sofa or couch that we couldn't get in!

Avoid the headache and call, text, or request a quote today.

Mobile Furniture Assembly Now
San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose

Furniture Repair Review

SF Acting Auditions + Furniture Repair Review

David helped us level out a table that had mismatched legs. Beforehand, he was flexible in his scheduling and prompt in his responses. The table was tricky - it was warped and the legs were mislabeled - but we managed to figure it out together. It took longer than both of us expected, but David made the cuts quickly and cleanly once we figured it out, and he honored his previous price, which was super professional of him and highly appreciated. Would definitely recommend him as someone for at home furniture work.

Install / Check Fire Alarms

SF Acting Auditions + Install / Check Fire Alarms

            Fire season is upon us in California.  There are a few simple steps you can do to be prepared and aware of fire safety.

1.  Install or check your fire alarms.

2.  Clear your property and home of debris, brush, and secure any chemicals, flammable solvents, or equipment.

3.  Have your heating and air checked by a professional.

4.  Have fire retardant or extinguisher in a safe place in your home, and or car.

5.  Have an escape plan or map, and a flashlight.  If you are ever in a fire, you won’t be able to see because of all the smoke.  

6.  If you are ever in a fire, stay low to the ground.  Heat rises along with smoke.  You can wet a blanket or towel to protect you.  You can also wet a towel to put over your face to protect your lungs.

7.  Be prepared.  Have an emergency bag or bug out pack with water, food, first aid, and supplies.

8. Learn more about fire prevention, take part, and spread awareness.

I hope this list will help give you some ideas on how to stay safe and prepared this fire season and seasons to come.

Click the URL to order a fire alarm today!

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Like New Couch For Sale

SF Acting Auditions + Like New Couch For Sale

            Next up, this client doesn’t want this couch.  

I have all the cushions.  Its being taken apart in these photos.  

I’ll put it back together and deliver it to you for $400.

Its in fair to good condition.  No stains.

Nothing wrong with it.
For Sale

Upholstery and Repair

SF Acting Auditions + Upholstery and Repair

            Latest upholstery work Placerville Ca. This is a two piece sectional sofa chaise  and here is the first piece. This is a popular fabric #color and everyone agrees, it looks magnificent!

Latest Re Upholstery Placerville

SF Acting Auditions + Latest Re Upholstery Placerville

            ‪Latest #reupholstery work #Placerville Ca.  This is a two piece #sectional and here is the first piece.  This is a popular #fabric #color and everyone agrees, it looks magnificent! #sf #bayarea #sacramento #sanjose #berkeley #decor #design #upholstery #furniture #repair.‬

Wall Beds and More

SF Acting Auditions + Wall Beds and More

            Wall beds are great space savers and they come with different options like storage, closing sideways, and style.  

Be sure to get a quality wall bed like Bestar, Murphy Bed, or Multimo.

Schedule wall bed assembly and installation in the San Francisco Bay Area today.

Call or text (415)748-7388 and provide a link to the item for a reasonable quote!

Sofa Bed Tight Stairway

SF Acting Auditions + Sofa Bed Tight Stairway

            Patrick and Kerry needed their cute yet heavy sofa bed removed from their San Francisco apartment. The movers who moved it damaged walls and floors. Mobile Furniture Assembly Now moved it carefully and professionally, without damaging the home, at an affordable price!

My Bed Fell Apart, Can You Fix?

SF Acting Auditions + My Bed Fell Apart, Can You Fix?

            Arden Arcade.  Customer requested bed fix after legs broke off headboard.  

My Favorite Types of Furniture

SF Acting Auditions + My Favorite Types of Furniture

            Furniture Assembly can be a tedious chore. It can also be repetitive. Frustrating. Time consuming. But for me it can also be rewarding. Putting together a nice piece of furniture that I've never assembled before and then seeing it shine with a nice room or accessories can really brighten my day. Now, combine that with a single mother with a lot on her hands. Or a young family trying hard to get settled in. That will warm you up. Knowing that I can help. And knowing that someone did it right. Like it was my own. That's the customer dedication at Mobile Furniture Assembly Now. This is a junior bunk with rolling storage drawers, staircase, and shelving on the side. It comes with sturdy wooden slats that have extra support for the bottom bunk. It's impressive to look at while being functional and space saving at the same time. When you get yours, we can have yours together quickly and have it done right. Bookmark us or save our phone number (415)748-7388! David

Get Your Couch In

SF Acting Auditions + Get Your Couch In

            In all my travels, it never occurred to me that there was a thing called Couch Disassembly. It can be labeled and described different ways, but most often its called sofa disassembly, couch disassembly, furniture disassembly, disassemble, dismantle, dismantling, break my couch apart, disassembly and reassembly .... and its all these things and more. Eventually, you’ll be yelling help on Yelp and you’ll find Mobile Furniture Assembly Now, Couch Surgeon, and others in San Francisco, but most bay area residents and families call me to get their new large sofa or couch into their home today. Ive disassembled hundreds of couches for several y ars. Avoid the headache and schedule or call David. Im here to help and get it in quickly and carefully. I’ve never had a couch that I couldn’t get into a home or apartment!